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1st Moped / Bike Puch 3 Gear
2nd - Puch Grand Prix JPS
5th - Honda 250 Super Dream
6th -Harley Davidson FXR
3rd - Yamaha RD 125
7th Suzuki GT 750
8th - BMW R1200 GS Adventure
Racing - Norton Commando
4th - Suzuki GT 380
Bike - History

I regret to say the 1st, 2nd, 5th and the Norton Commando I did not take pictures of my original machines.  The ones shown are of others identically similar to the ones I owned and I respectfully acknowledge the true picture owners of theses great bikes.

The Norton Production Racer began in 1971 with a special high-compression Norton Commando 750 engine.

Bought from Charlie Oliver
a family friend.

RD 125 DX - 1978 Harley Davidson FXR R1200 GS Adventure GT 380 - 1979