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Compton Abbas Airfield - route 2

Sarisbury Green - Compton Abbas Airfield Cafe - return to Loomies

3 August 2014


Run Leader:

Andy Anderson

Back Marker:

Rui De Castro

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Outward 53 miles - 1 hr 30 mins

Sarisbury Green Community Centre to Compton Abbas Airfield cafe via, A27, Romsey, Whiteparish, Downton, Coombe Bissett, Berwick Saint John to Compton Abbas Airfield cafe.

Homeward 67 miles - 1 hr 33 mins

Compton Abbas Airfield Cafe to Loomies via,
Zig-Zag Hill, Shaftsbury, Compton Chamberlayne, Wilton, Old Sarum, Porton Down, Stockbridge,
A34 - A31, A272 to Loomies.

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Have rest at Compton Abbas airport cafe, nice food and drinks and some great sights.

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