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Touring Check List

Andrew Anderson © 2016 The Happy Biker All Rights Reserved

What you need to do now !      
In no particular order.

I)   Book the accommodation for you stay, unless this has been completed for you.
ii)   Old towel to put over your seat before harness straps locks-down bike to ferry
iii)  If you get split from the rest of the group, do not panic! It’s an adventure, make       your own way to where you were heading to.
v)  Have phone number of other group members and hotel / B&B (paper & digital)
v)   Remember we are all on holiday to relax and enjoy the fun, would suggest as we       all make occasional faux pas no comments on anyone’s ride unless they ask you.
vi)  Book the Ferry or Euro Tunnel Train. (Brittany Ferries Driving / Riding in France info)
vii) Click to download “Tour Check List .pdf - CHECK THE FOLLOWING BELOW NOW -
(do not panic, your an adult!) -

         Tour Check List – Self Guided


1. Passport - is it full, valid and current?

2. European Health Insurance card.  Application forms from Post Office (no charge)

These need to be renewed every 3 or 5 years.  Check the expiry date on your card.

1. Green/Pink UK drivers Licence. If you have the older pink licence then you should consider taking out one of the new photographic driving licence's available from DVLA Swansea (it takes 3 weeks for these to be processed).

2. UK Certificate of Insurance – advise your Insurance company of your travel abroad and ask whether you need a Green Card (and a Bail Bond if traveling to Spain).

3. Medical Insurance and any medication you take regularly.        

4. Emergency Breakdown Insurance.

5. Machine Registration Document V5 – does it have your name and current address?

6. Visa/Access cards – ring your credit card company and tell them which countries you will be visiting whilst on tour (otherwise card might get blocked).

7. Vignette – Please check website to see if you need a vignette for the countries you will be visiting. You can purchase them in advance of travel from this website.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct vignette. You do not need a Vignette for France, Germany, Spain, Belgium.

You will need a vignette for Austria & Switzerland.

1. If you have a mobile phone check with your service provider that it will work abroad.

2. Written / printed information contact details of where you are staying and paper maps.

3. Does your bike need servicing? Change oil and filter, tyres!

4. Make sure your tyres, brake pads, chain and sprockets will last the trip.

5. Take spare-bulb kit as it is illegal to ride with faulty lights.

6. Mask off the left side of your headlamp using black insulation tape.

7. Chain lube / Scottoiler, engine oil and basic tool kit, air pump (share don’t duplicate - organize with each other).

8. Compass, paper maps.

9. Spare pair of riding gloves.

10. Puncture Repair Kit or Finilec (foam latex aerosol) can for tubeless tyres.

11. First Aid Kit.

12. Earplugs and spare glasses are always a good idea.

13. Cash cards with the Cirrus/Maestro symbol will get you cash abroad using your PIN number and Bank ATM (hole in the wall) machines. Check with your bank, take your cash card and forget travellers cheques.

14. Take enough foreign currency with you to pay Hotel / B&B costs and for motorway tolls, local ferries and midday meals.

15. Check what currency is used in the countries you will visit.  Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Croatia  & Hungary do not use the Euro.


If you are not a UK passport holder you must check visa requirements for the countries you intend to visit.

You MUST take the European Health Insurance Card with you - Hospitals may not treat you without it !

You will need full breakdown recovery insurance and personal / medical insurance.  If you are not already a member of a Scheme.

You MUST take a substantial cable / disc lock with you AND USE IT.


Remember - your bike is your transport home !