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Ride Marker System - Help

Can the Marker System go wrong? - No

The marker system if followed by all riders is a proven method for a group riders to stay together and enjoy the ride, which if carried out by all will keep the group travelling together.

Riders will be at different times at different distances away from each other and probably the Run Leader and the rider in front of you, may not always be in view!

I remind you: “Ride your own ride” and whilst on the ride you are responsible for your own riding, do not surrender any decision making when it comes to your safety and the law - “ride you own ride”.

Can the ride go wrong? - Yes

How the ride can go wrong is not an accomplice to the “Ride Marker System” but down to rider(s) themselves - bold statement, and true.

What can we do if it goes wrong and not according to plan?

Response: - That would depend on the exact circumstances at the time.

Here are a few instances that’s happened when I have been on a ride or back marking;
I have responded with advisory information to some of the below instances to help.

#1 Riders missing the marker to make a turn or go straight on.

#2 Rider makes wrong turn when shown by marker and other riders follow.

#3 Marker moving off before others riders and or back marker has come along.

#4 Rider misses instruction from Run Leader to mark.

#5 Rider misses instruction from Run Leader not to mark.

#6 Rider decides to mark and cause following riders to take a different route.

#7 Run leader fails to mark when required (Note: sometimes no marker is required).

#8 Run leader and group move off and leaves back marker behind and then back marker does not know which direction to go as also no marker has been positioned.

#9 Back marker does not make sure they are at the back, and becomes part of the group and overtakes waiting Marker and in front of other riders, causing the marker to wait for the Back marker that will now not ever appear.

To view the above scenarios that has happened and the “Response” click here.