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Garmin Help

Ok need some additional help or pointers?  Well we all do from time to time and I remember when I first had my bike sat nav, I had done a few routes and then wanted to ride one of them.  Well my neighbour Dave and I went riding to try out what I had created on Garmin MapSource, I have to say we went to Winchester ok, but then we kept on going around it many, many times, even then stopping a number of times trying to correct the route I had done to no avail.

When Dave got his own sat nav and went off to France touring he called in the little devil as it would never keep him to the planned and loaded route.

I then started asking other bikers and they all seam to be having the same trouble and for many years and no easy answer to help me!  Well after more messing about the answer was easy and here it is . . . .

How to stay on your planned route.

Turn on your sat nav, then go to;

Tools, then Settings, then Navigation.

On the menu you see “Recalculate Mode”

You need to turn this setting to “Off”

that’s it, other sat nav’s may vary.

Hope this helps, now all you need to do is stay on the route.  Happy biking.

Demonstration using Garmin's Mapsource - how to take someone else's route and ensure it will display the route exactly as intended when in your GPS.

This quick screen capture video shows you the process to design a route in Google Maps and get it onto your Garmin Nuvi device using TYRE. This process is discussed in more detail in my other Garmin Routing videos.

If you have any knowledge that could help, if possible please could you email it to me or advise me of your site and would be happy to put a link off to your information.

Thanks and happy biking.