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Mountains & Alps Tour 2016

This tour is from Mark Rowe who has ridden the routes before and stayed in most of the hotel’s along the way as we travel from Le Havre to Monaco and back to Le Havre with the route taking in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Whist we may have routes for Garmin & TomTom they do not have to be adhered to as they as with any route should be taken as a guide if you can follow it great you have been where others have before, if you vary it, then you may find other wonders to talk about over a meal in the evening, don’t panic enjoy the roads and scenery and places to stop as you head towards your Hotel for the evening.

It’s an Adventure, smile your on your bike travelling on some great roads.

#1 - Next, please follow this link to the Touring Check List and make sure you have all that's required for your journey.

#2 - Make sure you know how to operate your Sat Nav, if unsure take your manual, the full one, not the brief overview as bikers are a friendly lot and can help you if you have the right information at hand.

#3 - After this download your routes for your Sat Nav device, all files are .GPX (that’s an “eXchange Format” for Garmin & TomTom use and install / copy / transfer them in your device or in it’s memory card if it has one, which ever way you have previously done without any problems is good.

#3a - BaseCamp is altering the original route if you are putting them on your device this way. Please open this pdf file advising how to copy and paste into a Garmin, may not be your model though could have similarities to help you!

#3b - for those of you who import the route into your Garmin and you have straight lines; if you have the option import the route as a track and it will resolve the straight line problem.  After importing as a track then delete the imported route which has straight lines, not the original route.  Some of our Sat Nav’s will put a T into the name for a Track.

#4 - Before using the routes in your Sat Nav please turn off the following;

4a - In “Navigation” turn off / disable “Recalculation Mode” - Auto should be off and or disabled.  If you cannot do this you may not be able to follow the route supplied.

4b - On newer models of Garmin & TomTom it does not have the feature described in “4a” above.  If your device has and you have not turned it off it’s possible that after a wrong turn you will leave the designated route. Don’t Panic.

4c - If you have left the designated route and your Sat Nav is showing a different you will need to “Cancel” the route. Carry out as described in “A” and then re-implement / start your route again.

A4d - In “Avoidances” make sure you have the following ticked (including sliders)
Motorways, Traffic, Ferries, Car Share Lanes and Unpaved Roads

#5 - Open routes in your Sat Nav and check theRoutes are there and operational.

Downloadable GPX files of Routes for;

Garmin & TomTom

Day 1 - Ferry to Le Havre to Reims (no planned route)

Day 2 - Route Riems to Labaroche - and - .pdf of Day 2 Route

Day 3 - Route Labaroche to Reckington - and - .pdf of Day 3 Route

Day 4 - Local Trip of 217 Miles - and - .pdf of Day 4 Route

Day 5 - Route Reckington to Briangon - and - .pdf of Day 5 Route

Day 6 - Route Briangon to Menton - and - .pdf of Day 6 Route

Day 7 - Rest Day - you will need it!

Day 8 - Route Menton to Grenoble - and - .pdf of Day 8 Route

Day 9 - Route Grenoble to Annecy - and - .pdf of Day 9 Route

Day 10 - Rest Day - Nice place for a rest.

Day 11 - Route Annecy to Troyes - and - .pdf of Day 11 Route

Day 12 - Troyes to Le Havre Ferry (no planned route)

Open - pdf of Route Overview

Download - Almost Actual Mountains and Alps Route

Open - pdf of Hotel Information

Download - Direct to Hotel Route

On rest days, do what you want! Explore the local roads, countryside or places of interest or just sit in a bar talking biker banter b*****ks !

Andrew Anderson © 2016 The Happy Biker All Rights Reserved

Please note Google Map Route views may vary from GPX route files as well as time and miles variances with BaseCamp, MapSource and Tyre.

Please take Google Maps, BaseCamp, Map Source and Tyre as a guide.

All the GPX route files in one .zip file

All the .pdf’s of route files in one .zip file