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DIESEL! - How to spot it, avoid it or deal with it!

How can I prevent a diesel crash?

This is a question that all riders ask. The KillSpills team have the following advice:

How to spot diesel:

Look out for diesel spills on roundabouts, junctions and other tight corners that will cause uncapped fuel tanks to slosh over. Any wet patch on a dry road is suspect and long, dark lines should be avoided. Diesel is deadly, even on a dry road, and it does not evaporate.

In the wet, look for rainbow colour patches on the road and stay alert for diesel’s distinctive smell. It’s as lethal as black ice in the wet, but takes far longer to disappear.

Keep your eyes open and be aware of diesel black spots such as roundabouts when you’re out riding. Remember, diesel can have you and your bike sliding down the tarmac in seconds, so always look ahead and avoid any suspicious looking patches on the road.

How to deal with diesel:

Firstly, always try to steer around the diesel. If you miss it, keep the bike as upright as possible, maintain a constant throttle and do NOT apply your brakes. If you are cornering, stand the bike up and run a little wider to the other side of the slick.

Do everything on the bike smoothly, as you would on ice, and you can ride out the other side safely. Remember that there are likely to be more spillages further up the road, so keep a look out.

Ring 999 and report a diesel spill, the Police will get the local council out to clear it up and make the road safe.

BMF - Diesel !!!