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JUNCTIONS - What to watch out for!

You are three times more likely to be involved in an crash when you are travelling down a straight road… minding your own business. Hands up if some blind idiot has ever pulled out in front of you....... Yes.. thought so….the worst thing is that the guy was actually looking at you… well you thought he was… but he didn’t see you…. Remember… car drivers don’t see bikes as a risk to themselves…..

So its no use winging on about it wasn’t my fault… that will really make you feel better, get your bike fixed and repair your broken leg… won’t it.

Every junction is a potential hazard, but some are worse than others, on bends for example, if the view out of the road is blocked by a building, fence, parked car, or even a pedestrian….

At night car drivers can mistake the twin headlight bikes for a car in the distance… that’s no consolation to you

Remember bikes are thinner than cars and lorries, so we can be hidden by relatively small objects. Also a bike can blend more easily into the background…. That car driver might be looking straight through you at the lorry coming up behind… oh yes I’ve just got enough time to pull out… then WACK… you are doing your impression of a fly or superman!

These collisions happen at all sorts of speeds, the faster you are travelling the more serious the outcome will be. Ace breaking can scrub off some speed and reduce severity, but it has been known for riders to go home in a wooden box, even after the most slow impact. Remember target fixation…. Try and steer out of the way of the vehicle. With any luck he will see you and apply his anchors… and you just might get round in one piece. This is where you need those top notch brakes and grippy tyres!

Avoidance -

1. Slow down.. be prepared for the worst;

2. Read the road.. see the unmarked entrances;

3. Remember… never assume the driver has seen you… slow down;

4. Pay attention to warning signs.. they are there for a purpose;

5. Don’t get egged on by your mates.

BMF - Junctions