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TARGET FIXATION - If you look at it you WILL hit it!

Have you ever wondered why the guy in front of you on the track goes straight on into the gravel instead of blasting around the bend… its because he is looking at the gravel… thinking I’m not gonna make it…. And hay presto he is in the kitty litter. He was fixated on going for a gravel bath and that’s what he did.

Ever fluffed a U turn… I have hit the kerb… why … because I was looking at it, instead of where I wanted the bike to go.

So target fixation is when you look at that tree, sheep, lamppost and end up hitting it. You see you brain steers the bike to where you are looking.. so if you go into hot… for Gods sake take your eye off the side of the road and look for the way out of the bend…. If you don’t you will not make it.

BMF - Target Fixation