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Dorset IAM Mentors Brief - Ride 1

My comments on meeting and brief before the assessment ride:-

I met Chris Smith my new IAM Mentors on 10 July 2013 at the Avon Forest Cafe. Brocks Pine, St Leonards, Ringwood, BH24 2DH (nice place to meet up).

Being an IAM Mentor, Chris took time and asked the right questions finding out about me and my experiences to date and coupled that with what was going to happen on today's assessment (Ride 1).

Chris listened and allowed me to respond to his questions without interruption and answered questions that I had from what was being said before we set off.

Whilst I have not written much here this brief took some 50 plus minutes, showing it was thorough.

He took time and made me feel relaxed and confident in myself and in him, this was most acquiescent.

I have never had a first meet briefing session like this one and was taken with awe.

This brief is the best I have had to date and shows me what I should be aiming for with my own associates and progressing towards the IAM IMI National Observer qualification.

My comments on meeting and brief after the assessment ride:-

Chris recalled parts of the assessment ride that were relevant to speak about and gave memory joggers so I could visualise where along the route he was reminding me of and speaking about.  Chris’s accuracy and guidance is amazing, picking up relevant parts of my riding that need to be changed and polished to have and show a better ride.

Chris was in depth and I agree with all that he said, to which his written report confirmed and contained the same.

On the ride back home I began to implement the changes advised that I need to do, this I thought would take me a few weeks to implement (nearly two months actually) as part of my riding and to have a flowing smoothness.

Thank you Chris.  

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