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I wanted to create a “How to Series”, to show, help and explain, what some of us do naturally or by instinct most of the time.

But then I thought about this for a while and came to one of my oldest philosophies, go on you can ask . . .  ok here it is:

The wheel has already been invent and I do not like to spend time trying to re-invent a perfectly good idea

Quote I heard from Brian Clough “Good footballers are not born that good, they are trained to be that good”.  Similarly this can be said about most .  .  .  , and change the saying in this instance to say;

“Good Motorcyclists are not born that good, they are trained to be that good”, and some have natural tendencies that are enhanced by good training.

Without a willingness to learn no matter how much training one receives, the person receiving the training will not reach there own full potential.

At times competent riders may miss the obvious and fail to truly perceive and recognise what is seen and act upon the information to ride better and with more confidence.

The IAM & RoSPA are about "progress where safe to do so" That does not mean speeding, it means looking well ahead and flowing in through and around obstacles; be they vehicles, traffic controls, junctions etc, without interrupting other road users movements or cause them to take action on you being there. Want to know more?
Solent Advanced Motorcyclists. OR RoADAR Hants.

This really should be on your list of things to do, the techniques of  “The System of Advanced Riding”  are not special, but obvious and waiting for you to use the information, which will get you there quicker and safer.

Anyway have a look at these sites if you need that extra help to understand more about your own riding or even want to become a better rider!  A few Organisations and Trainers are to the right on this page, which I hope are self explanatory and are for all types of bikers.

Now this is the one for not re-inventing the wheel, takes time Start on the “Basics” page and look at the headings on the left hand menu, I have spent hours here.

All the best and Happy Biking.

Ride Tech
“Skills for Life”

“Skills for Life” training ran by the Institute of Advanced motorists (IAM) and clubs affiliated to the IAM.

SAM or Solent Advanced Motorcyclists are affiliated to the IAM and offer FREE, yes FREE IAM assesment rides.
Perhaps try a
SAM Sunday!

There is a group called: “RoADAR Hants”

This is a RoSPA group.

Once again, just trying to show ways if you want to increase your skill level!

Not quite ready or just not sure, try independent!  I recommend two professionals to help you;

- Alec Gore, who runs;

Better Biking

- Keiron Parsons, who runs;

Master Class MC Training


BikeSafe is a police led motorcycle project that is run by most forces throughout the UK.

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