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Training Help

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OK! For the new guys and for those who need a little reminder.

Being an Observer is giving help by observing an associate and helping them to self asses their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are some associates who just prefer the old fashioned, give it to me, just tell me without the flowers and roses, these types can be anyone though with time it is apparent that service personnel prefer this method.

For others initially for the first few sessions they may need a little help with self assessment without discouragement.

There is always more to see and discuss and should be put over in an encouraging manner and hopefully an agreement to start practicing and an appointed next session.

On the next video, view it once and then discuss, “what you have seen”, “what you have not seen” and “what could you reasonably expect to happen”.

Look at the first video (1 of 2) use your memory, take notes if you wish, view it once what you have seen?
Your Observer / Tutor gets only one look.

Next view the second video (2 of 2) and compare your memory or notes with what you saw for a second time. Your Observer / Tutor gets only one look.

To Be Completed