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#9 Ride 3 – 11 May 2013

I was asked how much practising I had managed to complete, answering about 1800 miles during my British Bike Tours – Black Forest ride through, Belgium, Germany, France ride, he asked how it went, I advised it was a good trip, with some great roads and company.

Advised the mentor that I had just had new tyres fitted, he did not ask how many Miles I had done on them.  Then mentor asked “was I ok to ride today?”, first time in asking me, yes all was ok, and advised suspension and exhaust valve work had been completed on bike.

I advised mentor that since I have started this Masters mentoring my riding standard has been decreasing by using the information I was receiving, he looked at me and that was it said nothing.

Mentor advised that a certain stretch of road we were going on had just been recently resurfaces so there might be some lose stone chipping.

For this ride, I have now mounted both front & rear video cameras, which the mentor was aware of, as we can now see he has started to refrain from making unsubstantiated comments to me and uses the ride reports.

At this stage I have a very bad taste in my mouth over this IAM Masters Mentoring programme to which I am no longer interested in the IAM Masters.  I know I will not get anywhere with this mentor so what’s the point I have see what he like and in my opinion needs guidance and training himself, that’s my opinion.  I will probably get a back lash if I complain but what the hell, I have lost more than I have gained out of this experience, further more lost confidence in the IAM and it’s system.

The Masters is restricted by the mentor you are allocated (if you go that route), I was so looking forward to being mentored perhaps gaining additional knowledge and skills with giving myself a good chance of making sure I got a top level distinction, but that’s life.

Ride 3 – First Part – Completed

#10 Ride 3 First Part - De-Brief

Not really too much said, just moaned about my rear tyre spewing up some gravel as I changed position on a right hand bend for a better view without sacrificing safety, but this was not the mentors concern just me spewing up gravel over him, well at least he was close to me.  In fact this ride he was now starting to get closer to me as otherwise he would need to pace himself to constantly catch up, but when he was too far behind me I just slowed down to help him, should I have done that?

#11 Ride 3 – Second Part – Completed

#11a Ride 3 – Second Part – De Brief

Advised me I went around the first roundabout when I should have straight line it, but straight lined all the rest.  This is contradictory of what was said on Ride 1 and what I did on Ride 2, as Ride 1, got told off for straight lining roundabouts as I was confusing motorist and Ride 2 I went around not straight lined any roundabouts and mentor said nothing, so thought I was doing as required for Masters.

Complimented me on my riding in the return conditions, as they were very bad with huge multiple flood waters passing across the roads on some occasions and single on others, (my kind of usual conditions really).

At this point probably better to go to Ride 3 Report comments (See my answers below his comments.) on ride as I just stand there and listen, as I know better not to say anything that would result in head shaking, lowering and saying no, no, no, and then I know these roads, have been riding them for years.  

Here is my answer to that ”Familiarity breeds contempt”  (IAM website link).

IAM Masters Mentoring - Ride 3