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Mentors Report - Re: Masters Preparation Ride #3 on 11th May

Morning Andy,

I’ve just spent an hour cleaning the bike, and it’s just like new again.... or will be once I’ve done those little bits that you always miss.

As I said yesterday, a very good ride from you, which is getting well towards a Masters 80%+ mark.  It was a very well measured ride with a very good balance of progress and restraint.  Your speed was always appropriate, you didn’t miss one of my signals and from reflecting on the notes from the last ride, no unnecessary shoulder checks. All things considered, including the various river crossings, Well done.  However, there were a couple of things that we did talk about.

Linking the hazards.  There were a couple of occasions where you should have been looking further up the road and planning the next stage of your ride.  When leaving one hazard do not return to your default road position without first considering where you need to be for the next hazard.  By linking up the hazards you can significantly reduce the amount of work that you need to do.

Andy - This is something that can be said about any ride, I asked him for where? (as he usually describes where) he could not, with just saying on a few occasions, so thought this is another one of his, just saying it anyway statements.

Andy - Still I have the video front & back and watched it again and cannot see this to be true.

Right Hand Corners.  I know it was only 1, but do try and keep in ‘Tyre Track 1’ and not drift into the debris trail.

Andy - Perfectly safe changed position for a better view, mentor moaned at the midway debrief about the stones kicking up from the rear wheel as I went across the centre of the road, well at least he was close and it was a newly surfaced road ridden at a progressive pace on new tyres.  He took me on the road and knew of what could happen.

Indicators.  Sure, you need to acknowledge that you’ve seen my signal, but only use your indicators if they will be of benefit to any other road user.

Andy - Ok, change of tack here, shame mentor did not mention about not indicating now just use leg to confirm turning under training.  We know this and advise associates this, what is he trying to prove?

Safety Bubble.  As per HTBABR, you must maintain that ‘Safety Bubble’ around you.  If this happens to be on an approach to a Left Hand Bend and your vision is reduced, then scrub of some speed until once more you can safely stop in the distance you can see to be clear.

Andy - Not sure why this is here, as does not mention anything in the ride, so must be another one of his, just got to say this irregardless.

Andy - Still I have the video front & back and watched it again and cannot see this to be true.

Country Road Overtake.  Although you completed that overtake safely, there were far too many variables out of your control.  Once you’ve crossed that centre line and committed yourself to the overtake, you must consider that if an emergency vehicle suddenly came into view, coming towards you at speeds exceeding the national speed limit, could you still complete the overtake in complete safety and cause neither the vehicle you’re overtaking and the vehicle coming towards you to alter there speed or course?  

Andy - A safe overtake as mentor has stated above so not sure why he put this here as he then goes on about “commitment” and “IF” scenarios, still will give a video link here so you can see and make your own mind up.

Andy - Commitment to an overtake is only when you have put yourself in front of the vehicle as when at the side, you can slow down and come in behind the vehicle(s) if need to do so.  Better still do not put yourself in that position.

Andy - The “IF” well if you thought too much about the what “IF” scenarios, the best thing you can do is stay off the road, off the pavement, at home and no DIY jobs.

Straight Lining Roundabouts.  I  know it was early on in the ride, but your Masters Assessment starts from the moment you start your bike.  

Andy - Here we are a change from Ride 1 when I was advised not to straight line roundabouts as it confused motorists, to Ride 2 when I went around them all and no mentor comments were made on this.  To no clarification with the mentors words or in his report statement above, but now am supposed to straight line them if safe and where circumstances permit.  No mentor continuity of advice, just contradictory.

And finally, I forgot to mention that on a couple of right hand junctions your bike was facing straight ahead and not angled towards your intended direction of travel (bottom right image P43 HTBABR).  Again this wasn’t all the time, but happened enough to drop you from a 1 to a 2.

Andy - Ok, yes agree.

So, once again well done, a definite improvement on last time and I’m already looking forward to our next ride out to Wessons (aka Ogri’s) at Horam.

Any questions, please just ask.

Andy - reply how can I email or call you when all you will do is shake you head with lowering it towards the ground and then slowly saying no .  .  no .  .  . no .  .  .  . or just stating I know these roads and have used them for years  .   .   .    .    .  But cannot see all the WARNING Signs along the road. Familiarity breeds contempt (IAM link).

Mentors Report - Ride 3