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IAM Masters

After being an IAM member for some thirty plus years and getting myself back to a good riding standard by taking the help of Senior Observers and observers in a local IAM Group called the “Solent Advanced Motorcyclists” (or SAM).  Within this I became a group Observer, to help other who want to attain a better and safer riding standard.

Wanting to push myself further I got the help of the Chief Observer Alec Gore whom was an Inspector of Police Motorcyclists for the British in Hong Kong which he was in charge of over 350 Police motorcyclists, he also trained 120 of them to the exceptional high Police 1 standard.   

I then engaged the services of Alec privately as he holds many other Advanced Motorcycling skill sets (see here). I wanted to see if I could get to a RoSPA Gold standard, after a number of training sessions, he guided me to take the IAM SAM Advanced Plus test, to test the water so to speak before going for RoSPA Gold.  

Taking the Advanced Plus test and got a score of 91% getting a distinction the examiner was a serving Police Motorcycle Officer Phil Pentalow.

Being guided by Alec to have a couple more training session, after this then put in for my RoSPA test.  This I did and attained RoSPA Gold the examiner David Bruguier a retired Class 1 Police Motorcycle officer and trainer. After this I became a RoADAR Motorcycle Observer, to help others who want to attain a better and safer riding standard.

Wanting to push myself further, I was now looking at the IAM Masters.

I spoke with Alec about this and Keiron Parsons whom had just passed his IAM Masters with a distinction, this worried me as Keiron is an excellent rider and is a retired Class 1 Police Motorcycle officer and Motorcycle Trainer.  The way forward then must be not to just go and take the Masters test but opt for the mentoring, but Keiron was to busy to ask.

After signing up for the Masters test with mentoring, Jon Taylor SE the Institute of Advanced Motorists Senior Examiner phoned, we spoke for a while and through this conversation I made it known that I would like to make sure I have not picked-up any bad habits along with any unusual riding techniques which could affect getting a distinction therefore I ask if possible if I could have a mentor not within SAM Club Group?”  My other agenda was to to see what is required of the IAM Masters test by having a mentor.  

The Masters Information pack advises “Your mentor will hold an IAM Masters Certificate or a Police Advanced Riding / Driving qualification”. My West Sussex mentor admits he is neither.  I have now been allocated a new mentor as of 10 July 2013.

Definition of mentor from Oxford dictionaries



[with object]

This is my experience of the West Sussex - IAM Masters Mentor.

Ride 1 - What was said at the brief

Ride 1 - Mentor Report & my Comments

Ride 2 - What was said at the brief

Ride 2 - Mentor Report & my Comments

Ride 3 - What was said at the brief

Ride 3 - Mentor Report & my Comments

Ride 4 - What was said at the brief

Ride 4 - Mentor Report & my Comments

30 June have ceased with original mentor, should have ceased after 1st de-brief in Ride 1.  10 July meeting new mentor.

Video - Can you see the road ahead and then as it bends to the left?

Clip by Clip - Can you see road ahead and then as it bends to the left?

Video - Can you see across the right hand bend / corner?

Video - Is this too close the the Post Van?

Video - Is this ride line confusing the motorists?

Video - Overtake - The “what if” Scenario?
Would we ride motorcycles if we thought too long about “what if”?   

Ride pages under construction.  - videos can be viewed.

West Sussex - Mentor Experience