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RIDING TIPS - great biking tips from riding in the rain to great corners

Riders should be aware that section has been compiled by the KillSpills team using their own knowledge and experience, accordingly this section is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and should be used as a guide only. It is for the individual rider to decide how he / she reacts to particular hazards. The KillSpills team, the Bmf and thehappybiker can accept NO liability for the actions taken by any rider after reading these riding tips.

CRASHES - How to avoid hurting you, others and your bike!

JUNCTIONS - What to watch out for !

THE TWISTIES - Enjoy going around the bend !

OVERTAKING - Be sensible, be seen and be Safe !

SAVING A SLIDE - Not the sort you find in the local park !

TARGET FIXATION - If you look at it you WILL hit it !

KITTED UP - No not a cat fettish… just good advice on kit  

CLUTCHLESS UPSHIFTS - The key to silky smooth gear changes  

COUNTER STEERING - Why does it help us go round the bend ?

WET WEATHER RIDING - Keep smooth, warm and dry !

DIESEL! - How to spot it, avoid it or deal with it !

Original Source - BMF Foundation

The British Motorcyclists Federation Foundation is a charity designed to fund research and sponsor work to  improve the life of the everyday motorcyclist.

BMF - Riding Tips